EAD and UW

Learning Christmas songs with Joy.

Maths- Positional Language.

Where is  Bunny? with Rose

EAD and UW and PD

Leaf rubbing with Sarah and Juno.

UW- Forest School- Fire safety- with Jude.

Math's- Fractions with Jude

UW- The Seasons- with Sarah

Literacy- Part 1......We are going on a bear Hunt - with Maggie.

Literacy- Part 2- We are going on a Conker hunt- with Maggie....written with the children after a trip to collect Conkers.

Literacy- Little Rabbit Foo Foo with Rose

EAD- Music- Song Time with Julia

(Jonny's Mum) 

EAD and CL- Song Time with Jude

EAD- Song Time with Andrea

EAD and UW- The Corona song with Maggie


Literacy- The Owl and the Pussy Cat with Rose