We are a federation where children and adults learn from each other


The Federation

The federation’s vision ensures that high quality early years provision, resources and services are used for the youngest children so they get the best possible start in rich settings that are welcoming and secure. Every child is supported in uniquely creative environments in order to thrive as part of family and key worker groups. ​

I have high aspirations for all the children we educate, where there is no cap on any child’s potential linked to a bold vision for our early years federation. With your support and help we will work together to achieve our aim of high outcomes for every child.

As your child’s first educator we will always make sure that your views and thoughts about your child’s progress and next learning steps are part of their bespoke learning journey. I look forward to meeting you as we go forward together.

What Parents Say

Dorothy Gardner Nursery School

Both myself and my daughter love the Nursery School! Staff are friendly and helpful. My daughter has exceeded in her development and loves coming to Nursery.

100% of surveyed parents say their child likes being at the nursery and is making good progress.

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