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The Queen's Park Early Years Federation draws from a wide range of experience and backgrounds. The full list of Education and Support staff can be found below.

Queen's Park Early Years Federation


Ben Commins Interim Executive Headteacher

Rose Parle Deputy Headteacher

Wendy Jenkins Deputy Headteacher

Helen Chin-Fatt Deputy Head of Centre - Children & Families

Lucy Polya Assistant Headteacher


Dorothy Gardner Nursery School


Anna Addison Admin Assistant

Jackie Mapes Admin Assistant

Sonia Thompson Cook

Karene Hunt Early Years Educator

Fadwa Choaibi Early Years Educator

Inez Gosine Early Years Educator

Rahma El-Azizi Early Years Educator

Angela Springer Early Years Educator

Anna Mandras Learning Support Assistant

Hager Houssien Learning Support Assistant

Elbatoul Essamri Learning Support Assistant

Hafida Azoug Midday Meals Supervisor

Linda Akins Midday Meals Supervisor

Julio Osorio-Bonilla Premises Office

Sarah Jupe SENCO

Jeannie Fernandes Senior Early Years Practitioner

Jebunnessa Tofa Teaching Assistant


Mary Paterson Nursery School


Michele Scales Administrator

Jude Lawrence Early Years Educator

Charlene Francoise Early Years Educator

Karima El-Outmani Early Years Educator

Mariam Mghati Early Years Educator

Joy White Early Years Educator

Jackie Harris Early Years Educator

Andrea Payne Early Years Educator

Maggie Black Lead Teacher

Aster Mehari Leaning Support SEND

Milargros Forester Learning Support SEND

Nada Ibrahim Midday Meals Supervisor

Sandra Dilauro Midday Meals Supervisor

Julio Osorio-Bonilla Premises Manager

Sarah Jupe SENCO / Teacher


Queen's Park Children's Centre


Rym Hemanda Administrator

Hamidun Ahmed Early Years Practitioner

Julio Osorio-Bonilla Premises Officer

Moira Finn Senior Early Years Practitioner