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Reading Workshop

Websites and videos with free downloadable activities and learning for under Fives.

This video is an example of developing the brain/body connections. Development of cognitive skills, such as sequencing, creative thinking and body/ spatial awareness. Excellent for eye/hand co-ordination. Start with two colours, then three at Nursery level.

Incorporate shapes such as circles, triangles and squares if you want this to be a math's activity. Early learning is multi layered and cross curricular.

Have fun learning through Play!

  1. Spring time/ science/ growth  ……


 Watch chicks hatching :

A bean plant growing from seed:

Baby animals and parents’ names: advice  


        Wellbeing………..Really good, free to download activities to do over a week for 3-5 year olds. Covers all aspects of wellbeing from emotional health, physical health and language developmental


Safe and simple, family-led learning experiences for ages 3 to 12: (recommended by LA)


Physical development……..Keeping Children active indoors in confined spaces…..Nursery World has published some ideas using a bed, pillow and duvet



Maths/ Reading/Writing/ geography/ science


Practical Preschool have created a learning through books activity plan with downloadable resources

Westminster council website have lots of activities for under fives under FIS


You can also join the Library for free on Westminster council website to access lots of downloadable resources for under fives.


The DFE ( Department for education) has released videos and apps that are suitable for home learning. This is the link;


Websites for early learning:



  2. BBC School radio - A-Z of nursery rhymes:

  3. Interactive inclusive musical stories:

  4. Imaginative Yoga for children through story:


  6. – Book Sharing and pack Information

  7. – On-line world of children’s books

  8.  – Fun and educational games and crafts

  9. – Encourages parents to talk more to babies

  10. – Fun and educational games & crafts


Every week new stories and drama can be found on;