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1.10.19 Help with applying for primary school places.

Douglas Shaw from the Westminster Admissions team came to talk about the process for Reception Class admissions and answered lots of your questions.

Carmen Sanchez from IASS was also available to meet and talk to parents of children with SEND.


15.11.19 Help your child with speech development.

Speech & Language Therapist Allyia Khan discussed how communication develops in young children. She shared some great Parent Child Interaction (PCI) strategies and ended the morning with some easy practical ideas for communication activities for parents to try at home.


5.11.19 Health Visitor.

Guest speaker Joy Onyegbosi- Health Visitor Team Lead.



Helen spent two sessions focused on toilet training offering tips to support parents to help their child.


3.12.19 What does early Reading look like?

Rose discussed the skills required for reading including phase 1 phonics which is covered comprehensively in nursery.


29.1.20 Helping your child with Early Maths Skills.

Wendy talked about the importance of mathematical development and how it is part of everyday life both at nursery and at home.


26.2.20 Behaviour and emotional wellbeing in pre- school children.

Rose explored the link between emotional regulation, mental health and behaviour in children under the age of 16. We discussed the importance of early intervention, strategies looking ‘beyond the behaviour’ to what the child is trying to communicate.