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Preparing to re open Nursery.

Dear parents/carers


After the Prime Ministers announcement on Sunday and further guidelines issued by the Department for Education it has been suggested that schools will reopen on Monday 1st June for certain year groups and with certain conditions and limits imposed.

As a school we are monitoring the situation very closely and are currently reviewing our own practices, policies and provision to ensure that we can operate as safely as possible and within the guidelines set out by the government.

We understand that there will be a lot of anxiety and questions that parents may have and for this reason I would like to direct you towards the current advice and guidance for schools:

Frequently asked questions on what you can and can’t do during the coronavirus outbreak have also been published. Those relating to schools and childcare can be found in section 6:


The government has published guidance for education and childcare settings on the actions required to prepare for wider opening from 1 June. In this document they set out the overarching aims and principles of this next phase.

The guidance can be found here:



The government has published guidance on the implementation of protective measures in education and childcare settings. There are important actions that can be taken to open settings to more children in the safest way possible, focusing on protective measures that can be put in place to limit the risk of the virus spreading.

The guidance can be found here:


The government has published guidance for parents and carers on the opening of schools and other education settings to more children. This guidance provides information on when and how we will open education settings to more children.

The guidance can be found here:


We currently know that the government would like schools to open for nursery aged pupils, reception, year 1, year 6 and vulnerable pupils. However, the government have also said that parents will not be penalised if they keep their children at home.

I will write to all parents and carers again by the 21st May with updated guidance, our action plans and risk assessments and arrangements for a return to school.


Yours sincerely



Mr Commins

Interim Executive Headteacher